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"As change agents, our portfolio of services easily integrates to best implement the shift from a fee-for-service model to a value-based reimbursement model."

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As change agents, our portfolio of products and services easily integrates to best implement the shift from a fee-for-service business model to a value-based reimbursement business model:

Clinical Integration and Value-Based Care Transformation

We bring employed and community physicians together to improve the care and consistency of care to the population served and demonstrate clinical cost effectiveness in order to succeed under Value-Based Reimbursement. We also assist organizations with the transformation to managing the health of populations, including development of clinical care infrastructure and clinical integration through continuity-of-care processes; improving workflows and establishing medical management and clinical teams; providing physician engagement and education; and developing analytics to define populations and monitor outcomes.


Business Model Transformation

For organizations that realize that the health care landscape is rapidly evolving to a value-driven system led by high performing medical groups, we provide a detailed analysis that lays the foundation to re-engineer the practice for transformation.


Physician Engagement and Physician-Hospital Alignment

We help hospitals, health systems and large medical group administrators develop and execute formal engagement plans to build relationships with physicians. We also develop physician strategies, build owned physician capabilities, organize and “glue” community physicians to hospitals, develop continuity-of-care processes, and align hospital and physician organizations through process integration, governance and incentives.


Governance and Strategy

We can help establish and restructure governing boards as well as providing Board education. We can also help your organization’s leaders develop strategic and operating plans to help shape your path to successfully move through the healthcare industry’s transition. Our strategic planning and operating plan development services include working with leadership and the Board to work through a long-term vision, and once that is approved, then we work with management and other operational leaders to put together the specific operating tasks necessary to achieve the strategy.

Physician Practice Operations

JHDHP has been managing physician organizations for over 15 years. We can help your organization as it works to integrate its physician practices and establish best practices and protocols to ensure patients receive the best possible care available. In addition, we can provide the expertise to successfully transition your team to a high performing medical group optimized for value-based care.


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