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“Through an intense, targeted on-site review, JHDHP is able to assess the practice from an enterprise perspective.”

The Blitz Assessment

The Blitz is a comprehensive, low-cost rapid diagnostic assessment of a physician group, or the physician entity within a larger system, intended to provide a comprehensive snapshot in a brief period of time.

The ultimate goal is that through an intense, targeted onsite review, JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC is able to assess the practice from an enterprise perspective including the opportunities to improve the practice market position, the physician work environment, the patient experience, the financial results, and to provide an actionable improvement plan that includes:

+ Practice Strategy

+ Marketing and Business Development

+ Financial Results Position

+ Managed Care Strategy and Contracting

+ Revenue Cycle Management

+ Clinic/Medical Office Operations

+ Ancillary Operations

+ Administrative Operations

+ Information Technology Support

+ Physician Productivity and Compensation

+ Organization, Governance, and Management

+ EHR Optimization


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