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“JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC is a value-based organization, and our values have become core to how we operate.”

Career Opportunities

JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC is a value-based organization, and our values have become core to how we operate. In this context, we seek professionals who can learn how to professionally grow around values which include:

+ Teaming—we are stronger together than as individuals

+ Value proposition—commit to understanding and delivering tangible value to each client

+ Quality—take personal responsibility to ensure quality and attention to detail

+ Proactive—we do whatever is necessary at the detailed level to make change happen in the client’s interest

+ Speed—make things happen fast

+ Creativity—develop fresh and invigorating ideas

+ Point of view—have a well thought out opinion and recommendation

+ Over deliver—manage client expectations and consistently exceed them

+ Bold and truthful—tell the truth, even when it hurts

+ Celebrate Success—We take the time to celebrate the successes of our clients, teams, associates, and the Firm.

With these values as a given, we are always seeking talented and experienced professionals who have the ability to:

+ Work effectively in teams—communicating and collaborating, and focusing on client goals

+ Analyze and organize data and present to senior executives in oral and written form

+ Creatively problem solve as a member of a working team

+ Bring a sense of personal responsibility to delivering tangible results to our clients

+ Produce results in an aggressive and timely manner

To be effective over the long term, our individual priorities must include our health, our relationships, the clients, and then the Firm—in that order.

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Due to the large number of resumes we receive, we regret that we will not be able to respond to each resume submitted. You will be contacted if we there is an available position, which matches your skill set.

Thank you for thinking of JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC.

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