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JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC provides a proven approach to implementing successful DSRIP programs.

DSRIP Support Services

JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC is one of a select few firms that not only has the experience and expertise to successfully implement DSRIP programs, but also specializes in working with physicians.

With a keen focus on the physician market, we have developed the skills and expertise that get physicians engaged and on board, which is essential to being successful.

We are also knowledgeable of DSRIP best practices and have provided consulting services for a number of healthcare organizations’ DSRIP projects.

In addition, JHDHP has capabilities in core DSRIP requirement areas including:

+ Patient Centered Medical Home

+ Population Health Management

+ Funds Flow

+ Physician Engagement

+ Evidenced-Based Protocol development

+ Integration of Behavioral Health into primary care

+ Performance Management through clinical outcomes and clinical process metrics

Lastly, our experiences with ACOs, PHM, and similar programs, gives us insight into the future of DSRIP allowing us to see over the wall and look ahead to help prepare for the transition beyond DSRIP to VBP.

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