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JHDHP manages private, hospital-owned, multi and single specialty groups which may include performance risk/success fees.

Practice Co-Management

JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC helps improve physician groups financial, operational and market development positions through multi-year contracts with incentive arrangements based on tangible results achieved.


We bring an experienced management team to each client practice, and a methodology that includes:

+ Identifying tangible operating and financial gaps to be closed through our Blitz Assessment

+ Improving financial controls and the use of operational and clinical performance data

+ Re-aligning the provider compensation around a balance of productivity, size, quality measures, patient experience and citizenship

+ Rationalizing the use of people resources to strengthen clinical teaming

+ Improving the “use” of the EHR and optimizing the practice work flow

+ Increasing the yield from the revenue cycle through charge capture, coding, denials management and cash collections

+ Building a dyad management team

Our professionals providing practice management support are experienced change agents who understand physician engagement. We bring to each physician organization opportunity skills in:

+ Hospital – physician strategy

+ Market development

+ Population health management

+ EHR “use” and optimization

+ Revenue cycle improvement

+ Financial management

+ Physician compensation methodologies/incentive alignment

+ Provider utilization improvement

+ Dashboard development/clinical and operational analytics

+ Practice office process improvement/standardization

+ Physician governance

+ Dyad management team development


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