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“Without a critical mass of high performing medical groups—healthcare systems will struggle to achieve success as the industry evolves.”

The High Performing Medical Group

Are you losing more than $100,000 per doctor? Or, having difficulty managing providers because:

+ Variations exist in compensation contracts

+ Lack of consistent culture

+ Physicians don’t feel like they are being heard and/or threatening to leave

+ Consolidation of revenue cycle management isn’t working

JHD Healthcare Partners can help.

After more than fifteen years of learning how a successful physician practice operates, JHDHP developed a comprehensive, proprietary success methodology specifically designed to grow client practices into High Performing Medical Groups (HPMG).

As American healthcare systems integrate, develop and grow, elevating the performance of affiliated medical practices is essential regardless if we are talking about employed, networked, or “just on the medical staff” physicians. Without a critical mass of high performing medical practices, health care systems will struggle to achieve success as the industry evolves.

What is a High Performing Medical Group?

JHDHP defines a high performing medical practice, which is critical to value-based revenue models, as having the following 8 characteristics:

+ Patient Focused

+ Strategically Positioned

+ Proactive Provider and Staff Engagement

+ Fiscally Responsible

+ Population Health Capabilities

+ Structurally Sound

+ Technologically Advanced

+ Data-Driven Decision Making

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