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JHDHP has the insight and experience to advise corporate and private equity investors through each stage of the merger and acquisition process.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As one of the leading management and advisory firms solely focused on the physician side of the healthcare market, JHD Healthcare Partners, LLC has the insight and expertise to help you quickly and objectively get and analyze data, compose the group’s valuation, provide advice on merging operations and help shape the new physician contracts to be operationalized with a focus on two primary areas:


Accelerated Due Diligence

JHDHP brings two assets that can make a difference in the reliability of a physician enterprise: 1) due diligence; and 2) the speed and cost to complete the due diligence, including depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to physician enterprise operations and financial management.


Data / Analytics: JHD has a data cube to help you gather data across EHR & PM software systems within 60 days.

Valuation: Based on the information we receive from the data download, we can put together a valuation for the physician practices to ensure your client is getting the best value for its company.


Under-Performing/Troubled Physician Organization Assessment

We have the ability to quickly assess and quantify the improvement opportunities (within 2 – 4 weeks), and provide a set of recommendations to improve operations, patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction and financial results.


Our M&A features include:

Physician Contracts

JHD has the expertise to assist you in developing compensation contracts that are operational and incent providers in a way that aligns with the goals of the health system and prepares the system successfully for population health management.



JHD can provide advice to you and your colleagues about physician practices.

Integration Planning & Implementation

JHD can develop the post-merger integration plans to operationally combine the physician practices under one corporation in order to ensure financial viability and be positioned for VBR.


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